My journey starts from the ITDC camp India which awarded me with my official certification into cooking.

Along came the opportunity to joining the opening team of the Radisson Hotels. After some time the Holiday Inn opened there kitchen doors to me where the cuisine was designed for banquets. The invitation from the very 1st Grand Hyatt Hotel in the capital of India being New Delhi was the milestone in my career. My signature dishes were a gem to the menus. I successfully managed junior chefs within this grand establishment demonstrating exceptional world class standards in fine dining. My arrival to the United Kingdom was warm and welcoming with having significant participation in opening new restaurants in Birmingham.

After 23 years of experience I do agree in the saying that

“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door”

We proudly open our restaurant doors to invite you to sit back, relax and taste my experience of life through my dishes which have been carefully crafted from around the world.